Wednesday, 29 August 2012

You had me at hello. Embroidering you own greeting cards.

And you thought embroidery was restricted to fabrics.

You will need:
• stiff, brightly coloured paper
• envelopes
• craft knife, cutting mat and metal ruler
• pencil and eraser
• pictures of animals, flowers or whatever
• embroidery needle
• contrasting coloured embroidery thread

To make:
1.       Use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut the paper to the correct size and fold it in half to form the cards. We used scrapbooking paper – it’s available in pretty colours and is thicker than ordinary paper, making it ideal for the cards.
2.       Photocopy the animal/flower pictures, cut them out and trace the outside lines with pencil onto the front of the cards.
3.       Use a contrasting coloured thread and a simple running stitch to embroider along the pencil lines of the animal shapes.
4.       Place each card in an attractive envelope.

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