Friday, 3 August 2012

Dress your bed with slumberiffic textiles

At Fabric and Textile Warehouse we offer a professional make up service to help you create the look you desire. It is the perfect option for those who don’t have the time or don’t trust themselves enough to sew their own curtaining and bed linen. If, however, you would like to test your skills we would like to recommend you start by creating your own pillow cases. Follow the tutorial from Ideas below and create a white cotton pillow case with a lace trim. P.S. For comfy cases that will stand the test of time it is recommended that you use percale cotton.

You will need:
• 150 x 150cm white cotton fabric
• 150cm white cotton lace, 10cm wide
• white sewing thread

To make:
Note: A 1,5cm seam allowance has been included in all measurements.

  1. Cut a rectangle measuring 73 x 48cm for the front, and one measuring 89 x 48cm for the back of each pillowcase. Fold a 1,5cm hem down one width of the front and one width of the back. Fold a border 14,5cm in from the side edge of the back and press to form the inner flap of the pillowcase. Cut along the fold line so the flap is a separate piece. Cut one front facing of 7 x 48cm. Cut two strips, each 4 x 25cm, for the ties.
  2. Cut the cotton lace into two 75cm lengths. Work a double row of gathering stitches along the top edge of the lace. Pull the gathering stitches in until the lace measures the width of the fabric. Ensure the gathers are distributed evenly.
  3. Pin the lace to the right side of the front piece along both widths so the raw edge of the lace and fabric align. Set aside. Fold the strip in half lengthways with the right sides facing, and press down. Place a piece of strong thread down the centre of the fold so the thread protrudes at each end.
  4. Machine-stitch across one width and down the length of the tie. Pull the thread from the open side so the strip rolls through to the right side. Press firmly. Fold in the raw edge and close the opening. Top-stitch around all the edges, working the stitching close to the edge.
  5. Place the back and flap together with the right sides facing, and at the same time place one tie in the centre of these two pieces. Machine-stitch the flap to the back, sandwiching the tie at the same time. Work a row of reinforcement stitches over the tie section. Fold a double hem along the raw edge of the flap.
  6. Fold a 1,5cm hem in the front facing along one width. In exactly the same way as the flap was treated, sew the facing in place to the front, but this time make sure the lace and the remaining tie are sandwiched into this seam. With the right sides of the back and front together, sew around the three remaining sides, leaving the flap edge open. Clip the corners and turn through to the right side.

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