Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Is it time to cover up? DIY chair slipcovers.

These do-it-yourself slipcovers from Ideas are perfect if you’re looking to hide flaws and conceal wrinkles.

You will need
• paper
• white fabric
• matching thread
• ruler, set square and pencil

1.       The slipcover consists of three panels: a back panel, a seat and back-rest panel, and a skirt panel. Measure your chair and draft a paper pattern for each of these panels. Remember to add seam and hem allowances to your paper patterns.
2.       The back panel is a rectangle that corresponds with the measurements of the chair. The seat and back-rest panel is drafted as follows: measure the seat area and draft the shape. Next, measure the front area of the back rest and draft the shape connecting it to the seat pattern you have just drawn. Now measure the thickness of the back rest and draft these sections along the edges of the back-rest section of the pattern. You will have a corner between the seat section and the side back-rest sections. When sewing the slipcover, you will cut into the seam allowance of these corners in order to sew the side section of the skirt panel to the seat and the bottom edge of the side back-rest section. Keep this in mind when drafting the skirt pattern; the side width of the skirt panel will be the seat measurement plus the width of the back rest. The skirt can be drafted in three separate sections (one front and two side panels) or all three patterns can be joined into one continuous skirt panel.
3.       First sew the skirt to the seat and back-rest panel then sew the back panel in place to complete the slipcover. If you are using a one-piece skirt pattern, you will have to mark where it will join the corners of the seat section. At these points it will also be necessary to cut the seam allowance to within 2mm of the stitching line, in order to sew the skirt around the corners of the seat section.
4.       Hem the bottom edge.

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