Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to guide: making an upholstered screen

Separation anxiety? Women24’s Décor and DIY expert Janice Anderssen takes us behind the scenes and shows just how easy it is to make and upholstery a screen.

You will need:
3 pieces of 16mm BisonBord cut to 500 x 1800mm 
Thin, medium or thick batting
Fabric to cover
Staple gun or hammer
Upholstery pins
Bias tape
Fabric glue
6 Hinges and screws
Drill/Driver and screw bits or screwdriver


1. Have the BisonBord* cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse. With all the cutting done, this project will be completed in an hour or two. *NOTE: Specify that you want BisonBord and not cheap chipboard. BisonBord is more compressed and stronger, and there is less chance of the hinges coming loose at a later stage. 

2. Cut 6 sheets of batting to the same size as the BisonBord panels. You can also cut the fabric, but this needs to be 4cm wider all round to allow for turning under.

3. Place a piece of fabric FACE down on a flat surface. Add the batting on top of this and finally position a panel over the batting and fabric. Gently fluff out the batting to cover the sharp edges of the board, wrapping the fabric up and over as you do. Work along one edge and tuck the fabric edge under before stapling to the edge of the board. 

4. Move to the opposite side and repeat this process, and then repeat again for the top and bottom. Pay particular attention to neat folded corners, as bulky corners will spoil the finish.
5. After finishing one side, turn over and repeat steps 3 and 4.

6. For a professional finish, use fabric glue to fasten bias along the stapled edges and then finish off with upholstery pins for a decorative finish. It helps to use a ruler to equally distance the pins along the edge. 

7. Lay two panels face down and align the bottom edges. Attach a pair of hinges 40cm from the top and bottom of the panels. Butt the remaining panel against them and attach the remaining hinges.

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