Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Decoupage fabric onto tiles

Whilst researching our previous post on decoupaging fabrics onto furniture, we stumbled across this wonderful tutorial by Ideas. Enjoy!

You will need
• undecorated tiles
• remnants of fabric (preferably cotton)
• modge podge
• sharp craft knife and cutting mat
• scissors
• resin
• electric kitchen scale and disposable measuring cups
• paper cups
• tongue depressor or ice-cream stick

1 Cut the fabric slightly larger than the tile you want to decorate.


2 Paint the tile with a coat of modge podge and leave to dry completely.


3 Paint the tile with another coat of modge podge. Also apply a coat to the wrong side of the fabric.

4 Place the fabric on the tile while the modge podge is still wet. Smooth out any bubbles. Paint a coat of modge podge over the fabric and leave to dry.


5 Turn over the tile and neatly trim the excess fabric around the edges with a craft knife.


6 Seal the fabric-covered tile with a final coat of modge podge, then leave to dry completely.


7 Mix the resin in paper cups, carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. Weigh or measure the quantities precisely. Pour a little of the mixture onto the tile and spread it out over the top of the tile using a tongue depressor or ice-cream stick. Leave to dry and harden in a dust and draught-free area.

TIP We mixed our resin by combining one part Araldite HY 2963 with two parts Pacote 600. We used 60g and 30g respectively, which was enough for 16 tiles of 107 x 107mm each. You can also use Pratley Kraftex PratleyGlo, but it’s a ‘softer’ type of resin.

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