Saturday, 18 August 2012

Getting your panels in a twist!

The Aussie blog Shocking Hocking offered up a twisted tutorial that we thought was too good not to share.

You will need:

·                     heavy duty interfacing (1 piece, 17.8cm x 30.5cm)
·                     ruler
·                     pencil
·                     main fabric
·                     colourful scraps of fabric for the twists at least 3.8cm wide and 12.7cm
NOTE: Starch your fabric - it helps when cutting and piecing

1.       Cut your main fabric into the following pieces:
·         5 pieces, 3.8cm x 12.7cm
·         4 pieces, 3.2cm x 12.7cm  (the spacers)
·         1 piece, 12.7cm x 8.9cm (this will be trimmed later)
·         1 piece, 12.7cm x 16.5cm (this will be trimmed later)
·         2 pieces, 6.4cm x 30.5cm (these will be trimmed later)
2.       Mark up the interfacing with your pencil and ruler:
·         Measure in 3.8cm from each long side and draw a line
·         Measure in 7.6cm from one short side and draw a line
·         From the  7.6cm line, measure and mark a further 4 lines, 2cm apart
·         Set aside for later
3.       Sew your twists:
·         Using all the fabric pieces sized  3.8cm x 12.7cm, sew each of the scrap pieces to a main Fabric piece down one long side and with a 0.6cm seam
·         Press open the seams (this makes it easier to get a good edge), then finger press the twists closed along the seam line, wrong sides together and press again
·         Trim the twists so they are 2.5cm wide and 12.7cm long
4.       Piece the panel:
·         Lay the 12.7cm x 8.9cm on top of the interfacing, right side uppermost and centred between the top and bottom lines, carefully matching the 7.6cm line and edge stitch to hold
·         Lay your first twist along this line, carefully matching the long raw edges and edge stitch to hold
·         Lay one 3.2cm x 12.7cm spacer on top of the twist, matching raw edges and sew through all thicknesses with a 0.6cm seam where you just edge stitched
·         Turn main fabric over to the right and press (the long edge of the folded out spacer should be aligned with the next 2cm line drawn on the interfacing)
·         Edge stitch the raw edge
·         Continue adding the twists in this manner until you have stitched down the last one. 

·         You will not have any spacers left, but that's ok, because now you'll use the 12.7cm x 16.5cm piece to complete the width of the panel
5.       Create the twist:
·         From the back of the piece, sew along one of the 3.8cm lines to hold your twists in place
·         Fold the other end of each twist to the opposite side and pin to hold
·         Stay stitch along the 3.8cm line at the bottom to hold
6.       Complete the panel:
·         Sew the remaining main fabric pieces (30.5cm x 5.1cm) to the top and bottom of the panel and press open
·         Trim the panel and use as you please.

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