Thursday, 16 August 2012

A pocket full of posies: how to create felt flowers.

Spring may not have sprung just yet, but there is no harm in being prepared. To get you ready for the change in seasons we’re bring you this collection of ‘how-to-make-felt-flowers’ from one of our favourite bloggers how Joyful

The Felt Daisy
You will need
·         The pattern 
·         Your colour choice of felt
·         Thread, needle, scissors
·         Pearls for the centre of your flower

1.       Cut your felt into the necessary pieces:
·         For the centre: 2.5 cm circle
·         For the smaller petals: 30.5 cm long x 3.2 cm wide (See pattern)
·         For the outer petals: 7.6 cm long x 1.3 cm wide (See pattern)
2.     To create the centre of your flower stitch around the edge of the circle with the pearl inside.
3.     Roll the smaller petals around the centre piece and stitch it securely in place.
4.     As with the smaller petals above, roll the larger petals around the centre and secure in place with some stitching.
Tip: You can use a hot glue gun instead of a needle and thread to secure your felt in place.

The Felt Camellia
You will need:
·         The pattern
·         Your colour choice of felt
·         Thread, needle, scissors
·         Hot glue gun
·         Pearls for the centre of your flower
1.   Select the size flowers you want from the pattern, cut out and use it as your template. For a layered look, use templates of varying sizes.
2.    Stitch the centre of each petal closed (as seen in the image) to create a small fold. 
3.   You can now either choose to sew the centre of the flower closed or to leave it open. If you’ve decided to opt for a layered look then leave it open as it will make it easier to stick the pearl place. 
4.    Using the hot glue gun you can either secure your various layers together (one on top of the other) or you can add the final embellishment by sticking a pearl in the flower’s centre.

For tips on how to populate your fabric garden with felt roses and poppies visit the how Joyful website.

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