Sunday, 5 August 2012

How to make a sleeper couch

Learn how to create a sleeper couch that is as easy to assemble as it is to wash with this helpful tutorial*.

You will need:

High-density foam cut to the following sizes:
        2 x 900 x 960 x 250mm blocks 
        1 x 900 x 250 tapered to 150mm block
Sewing machine and accessories
5 metres cotton or washable fabric
Velcro tape


  1. Wrap the blocks of foam in the fabric so that one long side remains open. On this side you will fold the fabric in the same way that you would wrap a present, so that Velcro can be stitched onto the last flap to allow for removal of the covers for washing. 

  2.  For a neat finish on the other long side, sew along the full length of the short sides. You will be left with a triangular. Tuck this inside; sew this closed by hand. 

  3. To achieve a really snug, tight fit, sew the fabric to fit each block of foam, and then remove the fabric; sew small seams on the outside. This will create a strong edge and allow for easy lining up when refitting the covers after washing.

  4.  Sew a strip of fabric that can be used to join to two large blocks together. This serves to hold the blocks together and prevent them from slipping apart when the sofa is used as a bed. 
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*This tutorial originally appeared on the women24 website.

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