Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Great gift craft: The Lucky Ducky

We found this Lucky Ducky on the Nosey Nest Weblog and fell in love with his kind words friendly nature. He or she would make a great gift for the baby or duck enthusiast of the family, don’t you agree?
You’ll need:
-          Felt (at least 3 different colors; yellow for the duck, orange for its beak and wings, and blue for the little pouch)
-          A little scrap of fabric or felt for the heart at the pouch
-          Little black beads for the eyes
-          Some stuffing
-          Beads for decoration - optional
Parts* (click here to download PDF)
  1. Side ( cut twice, yellow felt )
  2. Belly ( cut once, yellow felt )
  3. Beak ( cut twice, orange felt )
  4. Wing ( cut twice, orange felt )
  5. Pouch ( cut once, blue felt )
  6. Heart ( cut once, the little scrap of fabric )
*Enlarge to any size you wish.
Cut out all the parts – don’t worry about including a seam.
Blanket stitch the two sides together from the top of the beak to the tail.
Put the tummy in. Blanket stitch from tail to beak and then from chest to tail. 
Don't forget to stuff the body before you close it!
Blanket stitch the two beak parts together.
Blanket stitch the beak at lucky ducky's head.
Blanket stitch the little heart on the pouch and the pouch on the duck’s chest. Don't forget to stitch the wings to the body, leaving the tips open. Sew on the black beads for the eyes.
You might want to decorate your ducky with some beads, but otherwise you're done! 
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