Monday, 3 December 2012

Get passionate about your hobby this Christmas!

First there was the Country Stitcher’s Christmas Ornament, now it’s the cotton-reel wreath! It looks like this year is all about embracing your passion. Not that we’re complaining. We LOVE this new take on the traditional Christmas wreath from ideas.

You’ll need:
  • round wire frame (available from florists)
  • cotton reels (large and small, empty and with thread)
  • cotton ribbon and embroidery thread for the empty reels
  • fishing line
  • glue gun

  • First decorate the empty cotton reels by sticking lengths of ribbon or embroidery thread around them. Washi tape will also look good. We used a glue gun to stick on the embroidery thread. Place a drop of glue on the reel, press the end of the thread into it and wind the thread around the reel. Stick the other end in place with another drop of glue when the reel is full.
  • Arrange all the cotton reels, mixing up the types, sizes and colours in an attractive arrangement. The easiest is to draw the wire frame’s shape on paper and to arrange the reels there first before attaching them to the frame.
  • Secure the reels to the frame with fishing line – thread the line through the hole in the middle and knot on to the frame. Use your glue gun to make sure the reels are firmly attached to the frame and each other.
  • Hang up the wreath with ribbon.
Click here to visit the ideas website and find more ways to bring the joys of the festive season into your home.

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