Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Have a colour-filled Christmas! A Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

We live in a rainbow nation, so why shouldn’t we have a rainbow Christmas tree? Ok, so an entire rainbow tree might be a bit difficult and time consuming to create, and with Christmas less than a month away you might be thinking we’ve gone a tad mad. But we like this idea and have found a quick and easy solution – the felt rainbow Christmas tree ornament!

This fabulous tutorial is the brainchild of Julia Crossland (you can visit her blog here).

You’ll need:
  • A stash of felt pieces in a variety of colours
  • Scissors
  • A ramekin
  • A marker pen
  • Card stock or scrap board
  • Star-shaped cookie cutter

Place the ramekin on the card and trace around it using a marker or pen to create your template. Cut out your template.
Using your template trace and cut a circle out of a piece of felt piece bearing in mind that this will the bottom layer of ‘leaves’ for your tree.
Gradually decrease the size of your template circle to create the subsequent felt layers to your tree until you have a pile of felt discs that, when piled on top of each other, form a Christmas tree shape. If you’re looking for perfect circles you might want to use a compass. Using the cookie cutter, trace and cut out a star shaped piece of felt.
To make the trunk cut a long slim felt rectangle, roll it up and stitch the edge to the main part of the roll.
Now to assemble that tree! After securing the sewn edge with a knot, wheedle the needle through the centre of the trunk until it pops out at the end.
Thread the needle through the centre of each felt disc - you might want to mark the centre of each with a dot before you start.
Finish off the tree by threading up through the star. Make a small knot at the top to secure everything in place. Don’t trim the cotton just yet. Leave a length behind so that you can make a loop and hang your tree on your…um…tree.
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