Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The oh-so-easy, I must be dreaming, DIY Shirred Pillow Case

Hoping for a little rest and relaxation these holidays? Enjoy some restful nights and lazy mornings in bed when you rest your head on this stylish DIY shirred pillow case.

You’ll need:

  • one piece of fabric, 53 x 88,5cm
  • one piece of fabric, 53 x 23,5cm
  • one piece of fabric, 103 x 93cm
  • water-soluble fabric marking pen
  • 6-cord elastic: 5 x 50cm pieces
  • matching thread
  • pillow, 50 x 90cm
NOTE: All seam allowances are 1.5cm.

  1. Hem one 53cm edge of each of the two smaller pieces of fabric with a 1cm double hem. With wrong sides facing up, pin the hemmed edge of the smaller pieces overlapping the hemmed edge of the larger piece by 15cm.
  2. Mark the vertical seam allowances (103cm edges) on the 103 x 93cm piece of fabric. Divide and mark the 90cm-wide area in between the seam allowances into six 15cm- wide sections. Mark the centre of each of the five dividing lines.
  3. Mark the centre of each piece of elastic. Pin the corresponding centre point of one piece of elastic to a centre point of a line on the fabric. Pin the ends of the elastic to the ends of the lines.
  4. Set the stitch length to 3mm. Sew a few stitches at the beginning of the first elastic. Take hold of the elastic and fabric at the centre point and stretch the elastic to the same length as the fabric. Sew the elastic on top of the guideline. At the centre, take hold of the end of the elastic, stretch and sew the second half.
  5. Sew the remaining four pieces of elastic in the same manner.
  6. Sew a row of stitches on both sides of the marked vertical seam allowances. Pin the front panel to the two back panels with the right sides together. Gather the two vertical seam allowances to the same length as the back panels and pin in place. Sew and overlock the pillowcase.
This was just another great tutorial from the guys and gals at ideas - the ultimate guide to modern living for those with creative flair. 

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