Tuesday, 5 June 2012

To line or not to line? That is the curtaining question.

When redoing your window treatment, you’ll be faced with a lot of questions – what colour do I choose? What style? What fabric? Some may be easily answered, others not so much. One of the most important questions, however, will be to line or not to line?

Curtains, in general, are excellent insulators, capable of keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter. Lined curtains are, however, much better at this than unlined ones. Curtains with light colour lining can stop heat from entering a room and making life unbearably hot and sticky during summer. In winter, drawing your lined curtains immediately after the sun has set will trap in all the natural heat that accumulated in the room during the day. This will help reduce your need for added heating, decreasing your electricity consumption and saving you money. In some cases proper curtaining can decrease energy consumption by up to 10%.

Curtains with a tightly woven material lining are often referred to as blackout curtains. Hung to cover all parts of a window, these curtains block out most of the light, which was extremely beneficial during wartime Europe, when they were developed to hide the lights of the city houses from approaching bombers. Nowadays, with the Blitz far behind us, you may not think blackout curtains a likely option, but these versatile little numbers still have a lot to offer, especially if you work the night shift.

Lined curtains are also highly effective at reducing noise pollution. So, if you’re living near a busy road or next door to a late-night drummer, you may want to choose lined over sheer. You’ll have a quieter night without having to waste money on ear plugs or prescription drugs.

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