Thursday, 31 May 2012

A lampshade makeover

Living room looking a bit dull? Bedroom a bit boring? Shine a spotlight on your creativity with this playful peek-a-boo lampshade tutorial.

                A collection of various colourful fabrics
                Bias tape
                Muslin or some other type of beige fabric
                Non-flammable fabric glue
                A ruler
                A calculator

  1. Start by making a template. To do this you’ll need to measure the circumferences of the top and the bottom of the lamp shade and the length of the shade. Plan your new shade, determining how many strips of fabric you want to peek through on your finished shade. Now calculate measurements A and B using the following equations:

Top circumference = A
No. of strips

Bottom circumference = B
No. of strips

On a piece of paper draw a straight line that equals the length of the shade (Line 1). Using measurement A, draw a straight line (Line 2) across the top and perpendicular to Line 1. Line 1 should meet Line 2 at its midpoint, giving the appearance of a T. Next draw a third line using measurement B at the bottom of Line 1. Like before, make sure that Line 1 meets Line 3 at the halfway mark on Line 3. Join the tips of Line 2 and 3 to get your template.

  1. Using your template, cut strips out of the coloured fabric.
  2. Apply some water based NON-FLAMMABLE fabric glue to the wrong side of your strips and lay them onto your lampshade. Don’t worry if they overlap, the muslin will cover up these little indiscretions, but do make sure that there are no bumps or bubbles.

  1. Now to cut the muslin strips. Lay your template on top of your muslin. Add a 0.65cm seam allowance to the sides, but not the top. Cut out double the number of muslin strips as you did for the coloured fabric.

  1. Place two of the muslin strips right sides together and sew just the sides of the strip. Remember your 0.65cm seam allowance. Repeat for the rest of the strips.
  2. Turn your strip right side out and press.
  3. Find the half way point on your muslin strip and make a small light mark on the fabric using a pencil.

  1. Fold the muslin strip in half lengthwise and hand sew a little tack between the two sides where the mark is.

  1. Place the muslin on your lamp shade between two strips of coloured fabrics and baste the top of the muslin piece to the shade using a needle and thread. DO NOT CUT THE THREAD. Place another strip of muslin between the next two pieces of fabric and baste with the same thread. Repeat with the remaining strips of muslin.

  1. Use the above method to secure the bottom of the muslin strips, but this time remember to fold the bottom corners in slightly.
  2. Finally complete the look by hand stitching the bias tape along the top and bottom of the shade.

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