Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Getting creative in the haberdashery

Sometimes we get so lost in the beauty of fabrics, their complex designs, elegant patterns and vibrant colours, that we forget about the little things. The bits and bobs that help bring an outfit together, hide its flaws and complete the picture. We’re talking about the haberdashery folks and all the little marvels you’ll find there in. And to show just how versatile these gems can be, we’ve put together a gallery of the best and most creative images we can find online. Enjoy!

Ribbon pony sculpture by Japanese artisit Maeda Baku .

Buttons and pins take flight in artwork by Ran Hwang 
LAMDesigns have created the perfect  clock to time those stiches

Even zips can take on a new life with  Indigo Blue
Turn your haberdashery into a gallery like Living with Punks 

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