Monday, 30 April 2012

Pillow Pets

  1. Find a good, clear photo of your furry friend and print a test image on a piece of paper (this way you can be sure that you are happy with you selection). Once you are happy print the image onto the transfer paper, making sure that you have loaded the paper correctly and are printing on the right side – your printer and the paper should be able to tell you what’s what. 
  2. Cut out two pieces of fabric of equal size, but slightly larger than the transfer paper. Lay one of the pieces on a flat, heat resistant surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Place the transfer paper image-side down on the fabric and iron. Take note of any instructions that appear on the transfer paper, i.e. should you iron be set to a specific temperature. When completely cool gently peel back the transfer to reveal the image.
  3. Pin both pieces of fabric together and trim approximately 25cm away from the edge of the image. Place the right sides together and sew around the edge, leaving a narrow seam and a gap at the base.
  4. Trim and finish the seams.
  5. Cut little slits along the seam, being careful not to cut the stitches. 
  6. Carefully turn your pillow inside out and stuff it.
  7. Sew the seam using a slip-stitch. 

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