Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Adding the final touch with fabric finials

Sometimes it is nice to do something a little different and these fabric finials may just be the ticket.

2 old tennis balls (like all good things, tennis balls improve with age, it will be much easier to cut than brand new ones)
Fabric that will coordinate with your curtains

Carefully stab the tennis ball with the closed tip of sharp scissors. Make another stab wound 2.5cm away from the first. Using these 2 wounds as markers, cut a hole in the tennis that is slightly larger than the diameter of your curtain pole.
Cut a 30.5cm square of fabric. Wrap it around the ball and push the excess fabric into the ball.
Push the ball onto the end of your curtain pole and voila, you have just created your first fabric finials.

You’ll find this little gem and others at http://bit.ly/gfB1g6.

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