Friday, 20 April 2012

Step on to the podium with Birdseye Moisture Management Fabric

We've gone sports mad. We just love the camaraderie and confidence they build. Having said that, we also recognise how uncomfortable they can be, sometimes demanding our blood, sweat and tears, which is why we are proud to join your team as your number one fabric suppliers.

Developed with athletes in mind, Birdseye Moisture Management Fabric transports perspiration to the surface of the garment and away from the body. It is this little feature that makes clothing made from moisture management fabric such an essential part of any sportsperson’s kit. Sweat trapped between fabric and the skin can, in hot conditions, heat up, leading to heat stress, fatigue or diminished performance. In cold conditions the reverse is true, with trapped moisture resulting in hypothermia. Then there is the added weight a player must carry when his / her shirt becomes drenched or the chafing a rider suffers after a course on the bike.

So, whether you are on the field, on the road or in the gym you can rest assured that your performance won’t be hampered by the make-up of your jeans.

This lightweight, breathable and fast drying fabric is available from Fabric and Textile Warehouse.

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