Saturday, 30 March 2013

Magical DIY Dragon Hot Packs

We’re still prepping for winter and it’s a good thing too otherwise we wouldn’t be able to share with you this fabulous Dragon Hot Pack tutorial from the folks at Urban Threads. Looks like it’s up to Smaug and his fire filled belly to defend you and the kids against the approaching chill. Wait! If you’re not too keen on fantasy there is a little number for you too. Just click here for the tutorial, scroll down and you’ll find a foxy version that’s just as adorable. 

This tutorial obviously requires some brightly coloured fleece and you’re in luck. We’ve got a great selection available in store. Some patterned, some plain, but all perfect to bring your scaly new friend to life. To find out more about our stock just give us a call on our GOLDEN NUMBER (0861 322 839 | 0861 FABTEX). You can also send us a FRIEND REQUEST on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and stay up to date with our latest news and hottest specials.

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