Thursday, 28 March 2013

Creative Chair Bag Flair – a tutorial

Cleaning up the kids’ room couldn’t be easier. Use these crafty little chair covers from ideas to store books and toys and give the room a little more joy.

You ‘ll need:
• the pattern (available here)
• ruler and pencil
• metric graph paper
• two contrasting cotton fabrics
• lightweight iron-on interfacing
• matching coloured sewing thread

Note: All seam allowances and hems are 1,5cm wide.

  • The pattern pieces are given on the grid. Each square on the grid represents 1 x 1cm. You will first need to draw the pattern pieces to size on metric graph paper. Cut out the fabric pieces.
  • Iron 3cm-wide interfacing strips to the wrong side of the top edge of the bag section. Overlock the edge, press to the back and sew in place. Press the remaining seam allowances to the back of the bag. Pin and sew the bag to the back section of the slipcover.
  • Sew each dart closed on the front section of the slipcover. Press the fullness of the darts downwards. Now overlock and hem the bottom edge.
  • Sew the front section to the back section of the slipcover.
  • Make cuts from the raw edge to 2mm from the stitching line in the side seam allowances of the back section, 1,5cm up from the hem of the front section. Hem the side hems below these cuts, and the bottom of the back section, with a 6mm double-folded hem.
  • Overlock the remaining seam allowances inside the slipcover. Turn through to the right side and press.

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