Thursday, 14 March 2013

Expect candy treats & bunny pouches this Easter

Fun for young and old, hunting for chocolate coated goodies is a welcome tradition at this time of year. And here’s our little gift to you; an oh-so-easy and absolutely delightful tutorial from Mer Mag that’ll help make this year’s adventure even more exciting.

The Easy Bunny Candy Pouch

You’ll need:
The bunny template (click here)
Two pieces of white felt
Needle and thread or embroidery floss

  • Using the template, cut out two pieces of felt in the shape of the bunny.
  • Take one of the pieces of felt and embroider a simple bunny face on it.
  • Once the face in on, place the two pieces of felt together (with the piece with the face on it facing up and out). Pin and sew them together from ear to ear, being careful to leave an opening at the top to insert treats and treasures.
  • And now the fun part! Fill up your bunny with candy or little gifts. If using candy that’s not pre-packaged, Merrilee suggests placing it inside of a little plastic bag before inserting into the felt bunny.
  • Once your bunny is full, pull together the ears and tie them together with a little yarn or ribbon. This keeps the candy tucked inside.
Looking for more Easter inspired fun? Click here and be transported to Merrilee’s wonderland of creativity, Mer Mag.

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