Friday, 16 November 2012

Transform your Zippers into Rocking Accessories

One of the reasons we love Brit + Co so much is their talent for turning unconventional items into wearable accessories. Take this tutorial for instance, which shows you how to transform everyday zippers into awesome arm candy:

You’ll need:
  • Zippers
  • Quick hold contact adhesive
  • Leather crimps and clasps
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Sharp scissors

Zipper Bangles
Cut close to the zip so that there’s almost no fabric on the sides and measure around your wrist. Cut any excess zipper but make sure it can still zip! Attach cord ends so that you can add a clasp and loop.
Braided Cuff
For this one, you’ll want a zipper with some contrast. We chose a black zipper with gold teeth. Cut it in half and then unzip so you have four pieces. Discard one. Clamp three with a leather crimp and braid! Add a crimp to the other end, clasp, and done.

Blinged Out Cuff
Take a long zipper and cut it in half (Make sure it fits around your wrist twice!). Glue the two halves together. Add velcro or snap buttons on either end to fasten it around your wrist.
Now, get some more zippers (preferably the same color) and cut them down to the teeth. Using glue to attach them and start making a spiral design. Keep gluing along the way (use a toothpick to tidy up glue that squeezes out). Leave to dry and then accessorize!
Click here for some more great zipper accessories from Brit + Co.

Please Note: We know these bangles are awesome, but don’t go ripping up all your clothes just to get at their zips. We’ve got plenty available in our Haberdashery for you to choose from. 

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