Friday, 31 May 2013

Crafting your way to DIY tape

You may remember this clever little tutorial on how to make your own Fabric Tape. We’re continuing with this crafty theme, and supplying you with some wonderful tips on how to create more great tape. 

Take this lace tape from Free Pretty Things For You. By simply sticking a strip of ribbon to one side of some double sided tape, you too can create beautiful embellishments for note books, presents and more. 

Not as big a fan of lace as we are? What about ribbon? Using the above mentioned steps you can just as easily create some ribbon related wonders.  

Fill your crafting treasure trove with wonders from our haberdashery. Ribbons, lace, feathers and more. Just give us a call on our Golden Number (0861 322 839 | 0861 FAB TEX) to find out more about what’s in stock and on special this month.

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