Monday, 28 January 2013

Wrap it up with a lace gift bow

This is another spectacular project from Cut out and Keep contributor Lauren.

You’ll need:
Tacky glue

Cut your lace to the following lengths:
3 pieces at 28 cm (11 inches)
3 pieces at 25.5 cm (10 inches)
2 pieces at 23 cm (9 inches)
1 at 9 cm (3.5 inches)
Pull one side of the lace into the centre and glue in place.
Repeat on the other side, forming an infinity shape. Repeat on all of the 28 cm, 25.5 cm and 23 cm pieces.
Glue your 9 cm piece into a simple loop.
Complete all of your infinity loops and leave to dry.
Glue all three of your 28 cm loops on top of each other, forming a six-point star shape.
Glue your three 25.5 cm loops on top of these, repeating the pattern inside.
Glue the two 23 cm loops inside of these.
Stick the 9 cm loop in the centre, completing your bow.
Optional: if your lace is very soft, consider using a stiffener to make sure that it holds its shape better.

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