Friday, 18 January 2013

A not-so-frilly, but ever-so-classy bed frill

When your mother told you to make you bed, we doubt she had this project in mind, but it’s so classy we just had to share. Here’s another great tutorial from the folks at Ideas.

You’ll need:
• one 91 x 188cm piece of white fabric
• two 88 x 25cm pieces of white fabric
• two 185 x 25cm pieces of white fabric
• two 111 x 38cm pieces of checked fabric
• two 208 x 38cm pieces of checked fabric
• matching thread
• pins
• scissors

Note: All seam allowances are 1,5cm.

  • Finish the side and bottom edges of the four white frill panels with an overlocked rolled hem.
  • Sew the four vertical seams of the checked frill panels, starting 1,5cm from the top edge. Overlock each seam allowance separately and press the seams open. Overlock the bottom edge and finish with a 1,5cm wide hem.
  • Pin an inverted box pleat at the four seams of the checked frill, with the seam at the centre of the pleat. Each side of the pleat should be 5cm deep. Pin the white panels on top of the corresponding checked panels.
  • Pin, sew and overlock the frill panels to the 91 x 188cm piece of white fabric.

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