Wednesday, 24 October 2012

No Sew Superheroes – A guide to cape making

capeHave you got a caped crusader at home? No. Well we think it’s time you did. Keep reading for a DIY cape that would make Superman proud.

You’ll need:
Approx. 1.5 m of knit fabric
1 m of ribbon

  1. Lay your fabric out and fold over one of the long ends by 2. 5cm.
  2. With your scissors make several snips in the fold along the length of the fabric approx. 2.5 cm apart.
  3. Open the fold. You’ll now have several slits to weave your ribbon in an out of.
  4. After the ribbon is woven through all the slits, gather the fabric towards the centre. Take each end of ribbon & loop it back through the last slit and knot. To keep your ribbon ends from fraying you can quickly run the edge over a flame to seal them.
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