Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fabric Library opens ‘Windows’ with new colour focused collection.

FL_windowsThe new Windows collection from Fabric Library follows on from the first colour library concept which was the upholstery collection, Lounge. This new collection of drapery plains exploits the natural tendency of people to shop by colour with an incredible selection of 278 colours.

There are an amazing 9 qualities in the collection ranging from luxurious lustrous plains and textures, to wide-width taffetas, to classic moirés and some dry textured qualities with loads of surface interest.

The Windows collection is divided into 4 colour library books which are grouped in colour themes namely Pure, Earth, Hotshot and Cool Cat. Page through these books at your nearest Fabric Library showroom (click here to find it), make your selection and give us a call. We won’t charge you those outrageous showroom prices. We sell designer fabrics at wholesale prices after all.

Call us on our Golden Number: 0861 322 839 | 0861 FABTEX. We look forward to hearing from you.

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