Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lounge suite getting tired?

Your couch is ugly and out-dated. Your loveseat looks raggedy, with threads hanging in spots. Just the sight of your old-fashioned living room makes you depressed. You've already been to the furniture store and there is no way you can afford a new set. What on earth should you do? You could consider slipcovers.

Slipcovers are an inexpensive way of giving your furniture - and your room - a makeover. A slipcover is a piece of fabric, specially made to fit a particular type of furniture. You simply place it over your existing couch, loveseat, chair, or whatever, and instantly, you have a whole new look.

Slipcovers can be made of most any fabric. Though you can use any fabric you want, it is best to pick a sturdy fabric that can withstand regular use. Good, strong fabrics include canvas, denim, linen, chintz, and ticking. Fabric and Textile's beautiful range of chenille and jacquard chenille fabrics are hard-waring, pleasing to touch and durable. (Not to mention only R39.99/m!). Any one of those fabrics could create a slipcover able to handle even the most rambunctious children.

Slipcovers can be elegant or whimsical, elaborate or simple, flashy or understated - all depending on the materials used. Whatever your decorating goals, they can be accomplished with the right slipcover.

Slipcovers are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Florals, stripes, checks, solids, and plaids are always popular choices. If you have a particular fabric you are trying to match, such as a tablecloth or curtain, you could even have the slipcover custom made.

You could even make it yourself. If you have some basic sewing skills, slipcovers are a relatively easy project.

Slipcovers are inexpensive enough to be changed regularly. You can change them as the season - or your mood - changes. With a little bit of cash and decorating savvy, you can make over your entire home. A carefully chosen and well-cared for slipcover can offer you years of enjoyment.

And remember, everything you need to give your home a new lease of life can be found at Fabric & Textile Warehouse - from idea to execution. We're happy to make up slip covers to your specifications, too! Email fabrictextilewarehouse@gmail.com, or call 0861 FabTex (0861 322 839) and speak to one of our helpful consultants.

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