Monday, 10 October 2011

Far out fabrics.

Choose from our range of tie-dye
quilters' fabrics to make your own
70's style quilt.
Originally, the idea behind crafting quilts was to use up all the little bits and pieces of scrap fabric that were the natural result of making all your own clothes and soft furnishings. Little pieces of fabric accumulated into a lot of waste, and it seemed a shame to throw that all away. 

Some clever soul realised that all those little bits could be sewn together into something practical, like a blanket. It didn't take long for people to work out that with a small amount of planning, the result could be rather beautiful.

Today, quilting has developed into an art form, with quilting fabric often costing more than dress material. Fabric patterns common to quilts have all but disappeared from other fabric uses, so that nowadays the various pieces are custom bought for the purpose of quilting, rather than recycled from somewhere else.

This has a number of benefits. For one thing, the material used for modern quilting tends to be brand new, and so has a longer lifespan. For another thing, fabrics can be custom-built and coloured for this purpose. Right now, we're loving the range of 100% cotton tie-dyed quilting fabrics we've just brought in. Some of the creations people come up with using these psychedelic colours are extraordinary, bringing joy to the recipient and the quilter alike.

With pure cotton fabrics at just R59.99, why not pop into Fabric & Textile Warehouse and pick up a few for yourself? You could make your very own retro quilt today.

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