Friday, 30 September 2011

Braai. You can't get more ZA than that.

We love braaing. There's something about the combination of smoke-in-the-eyes, seared finger fuzz and the smell of cooking meat that keeps us going back time and again, to the back porch and the trusty old braai. It's not a barbeque. It's something more real, more primal than that. Brr-aahhh-iiii : it even sounds wild. And I suppose that's why so many of the guys (and more and more of the gals) we know spend weekend after weekend cooking up something yummy in the open air, sharing a meal with family and friends in a way that has become a true, boundary-breaking tradition in our country.

Still, it's no reason to get your clothes dirty, and even the most hardened of the "Manne" have started wearing aprons in a bid to stay clean. Manly aprons, naturally. But aprons nonetheless. It's with this in mind that we've found a great pattern that you can use to make your man (or yourself) the perfect braai accessory, and save hours on washing, too!

And while you're on the subject, have a look at South Africa's own Braai Boy for ideas, jokes and braai recipes galore.

(PS: The piping is NOT pink. We promise. It's puce. Seriously.)
(That's a GOOD thing).

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