Thursday, 6 February 2014

Giving your room a makeover is as easy as 1-2-3

If we were to tell you that it’s absolutely possible to “Extreme Makeover” an entire room with just new curtain pelmets, new curtains, brand spanking new bedding and nothing else at all, would you believe us?  Most probably not. Who are we kidding, right?

Well, believe it, because it’s true. With just the three items we’ve mentioned, you can give any room a face-lift, leaving it looking fresh and new. You don’t need to go out and spend thousands on bits and pieces to re-do your little one’s room – or even your own. New curtains, curtain pelmets and new bed linen are all you need to turn any bedroom around.

Curtain pelmets make a remarkable difference to any room, whether the room is large or small. From the formal dining room to the kids’ TV lounge, there is something both elegant yet welcoming that a curtain pelmet adds to a space. With so many designs to choose from, curtain pelmets are ideal for pretty much anything you’ve got in mind. And they can be so much fun.

There’s nothing quite like climbing into a bed of cool, crisp sheets, feeling their freshness on your skin. And those oh-so-soft pillowcases guarantee that you’ll get the good night’s rest you deserve. Bed linen can often be a costly necessity to replace. The options seem so limited, and many times we’re tempted to compromise on quality to save a few rands. It’s never a surprise, then when we find ourselves disappointed by duvet covers, sheets and pillows that fade fast or fray at the seams. Now, your bed time blues can be a thing of the past with Fabric and Textile Warehouse. Our wide range of bed linen options, and network of professional, inexpensive seamstresses, means that you can have the quality you need, at prices you can easily afford.

The same is true of curtains, which are often a drudge purchase, both because of the expense and the effort involved in keeping them looking their best. Curtains can actually be a pleasure putting up and washing, if you have used the right fabric. Ask any of our expert staff for assistance when picking out fabrics. They will help you as you consider the colour, weight, durability, pattern and lifespan of the fabric best suited to your needs. A room is not complete without curtains (even if the neighbours can’t see in). They add the finishing touch to a beautiful room.

At Fabric & Textile Warehouse we take pride in supplying not only top quality fabrics, but all the accessories you need. Pick out your fabrics and we will help you find the perfect seamstress to put it all together.


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