Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wedding DIY: Button table numbers

Here’s another DIY gem from Ideas that’ll help keep costs down and admiration high on your big day.

You’ll need
• colourful fabric remnants
• A4 cardboard (Something thin enough to go through your printer)
• button sets, to cover scissors
• safety pins

  • Print the table numbers and guests’ names on the cardboard. Keep the information at the bottom of the card so that when it’s folded double there is enough space at the top for the button badge.
  • Cut your fabric remnants into circles – the fabric circle must be twice the size of the top section of the button. Place the top section in the centre of the fabric circle. Fold the fabric over the serrated edge as smoothly as you can. If the fabric is too bulky to fold, work running stitches around the outer edge of the circle and pull them in over the button.
  • Place the back button plate over the top section and snap the two pieces together. If it is difficult to do this with your fingers, use a pair of long-nosed pliers.
  • Fold the card in half. Make a small hole through the front piece of the card, in the centre just below the fold. Insert the button shank through the hole and secure on the inside of the card with a safety pin.

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