Monday, 10 June 2013

How to reupholster a chair

We’ve just received a shipment of gorgeous upholstery fabric and have been thinking of ways to induce you to buy it. Our prices are already so low that they’re almost unbelievable and the quality so superb it’s remarkable, so we’ve decided you just how easy it is to reupholster your favourite piece of furniture.

Below you’ll find the most common techniques used to reupholster a chair, as described by Tiffer’s Upholstery LLC
Before: A clunky, outdated chair desperately cries for a fabric makeover.
Strip fabric. The chair is stripped of its original fabric and the pieces saved and labelled. If needed, an additional layer of batting is stapled to the frame.
Make a pattern. The old fabric pieces are used to create the pattern for the new upholstery. They are laid right sides down on the new fabric and cut out.
Pin to the chair. The pieces are pinned wrong sides out onto the chair. The pinned cover is removed and sewn together, with welting reinforcing the seams. The sewn cover can then put back on the chair.
Create pleats. Pleats are often used to ease fabric around curves. Gluing on a covered button hides the staples that hold the pleats in place.
Attach the back. To attach a back panel, tack strips are stuck through the wrong side of the fabric at both long edges, about an inch in.
Tack the fabric on. The tack strips are then flipped over to pull the back panel taut and make clean, straight edges. The tacks are hammered into the frame with a hammer that has a piece of batting secured around the head.
Attach the sleeves. A sleeve of fabric is sewn for the chair seat and pulled on. The back edge of the cover is pulled through the opening between the seat and back and stapled to the frame.
Cover the seat. The seat cover is also pulled tight and tacked to the bottom of the chair frame on the front and sides.
Skirt the bottom. A lined, box-pleated skirt with welting is sewn. To assemble the skirt, layers are arranged on the chair, pinned in place, and sewn together at the top.
Staple the skirt on. The skirt is stapled to the frame on the wrong side of the fabric, just below the seam.
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