Friday, 14 September 2012

Turing your man’s shirt into a chic dress for you

As today is Recycling Day SA, we’d thought we’d bring you this great tutorial from Brit + Co. that will have you recycling your man’s wardrobe into some fabulous summer fashion.

You’ll need:
2 Oversized men’s button down shirts
Sharp scissors
Sewing machine
Optional: belts for accessorizing!


For this first look you’ll need to start by cutting off the collar and sleeves (just remember to save the fabric).
At the top, fold over each side and stitch. Make sure to leave enough room to put a draw string through.  Finish the edges of the arm holes with a contrasting thread for some fun detailing.  Use scraps from the shirt sleeves to create two drawstrings. String through the top and tie on each end.
And now for another look...
 Cut triangles out at the shoulder and pin.
To create a more feminine shape, create darts at the back. Then sew! 
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