Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Our very own Nip/Tuck

Welcome to 2012! The year is already rushing by as we slide into the second half of February. The busy start to 2012 has paid off remarkably well in the form of a bright, beautiful new space for our Durban Head Office.

The old saying goes that "a change is as good as a holiday." This has certainly been true for us, although there are a few highlights about our new space that stand head and shoulders over the rest of the items on the list of reasons why we're so happy to be in our new showroom. And we know you'll agree.

What's got us most excited is the air conditioning. With five huge air conditioner units installed, our customers and staff breathe a happy sigh of relief when they step in from a hot day like yesterday! It's a pleasure to spend time with our knowledgeable consultants, selecting the perfect combinations for your upholstery and curtains in the fresh, cool showroom.

Beautiful fabrics for all your requirements.
Of course, the space itself is another big plus: we love the way our stock is displayed now - so easy to see and make decisions about colour and texture matching. The bright racks of gorgeous fabrics along the walls are so eye-catching and give your spirits a lift after a dull day of city-centre driving.

To celebrate our brand new showroom we've got some brand new upholstery and curtaining stock in. Beautiful fabrics (many of them new to South Africa) at phenomenal prices are just the ticket for that room makeover you've been dreaming about.

Our welcoming new entrance is easy to spot.
Window signage facing Umgeni road.
Our new and improved show room is super easy to find. We're in the same shopping precinct we've always used, but now we're the first shop in the complex. With big, bold, bright signage above the door and all along the street-facing side of the building, you can't miss us! So come on in and see what all the fuss is about - it seems as though everyone is talking about Fabric & Textile Warehouse and our fabulous new showroom.

Don't miss out on amazing fabric prices today.

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