Friday, 2 December 2011

Blinds to compliment your curtains and drapes

If the window you want to dress is unsuitable for full length curtain treatments - perhaps the window is too small or you want to maximize light into the room - then blinds are an obvious alternative treatment for the window.

Windows with blinds alone can look fantastic. But you can also mount blinds behind full length curtains to add depth and dimension to your window treatment, for a stunning effect in your living room, dining room, den or even playroom.

Roman blinds and Austrian blinds are the two most popular fabric blinds for your home today. They work tremendously well alone in kitchens and bathrooms where perhaps you want to minimize the amount of fabric at your windows.

Using the correct blind-making methods, you can easily create your own professional blinds for your windows without paying huge amounts of money for custom-made orders.

There are some great tips for making your own blinds on this website, and at Fabric & Textile Warehouse our knowledgeable assistants will be able to give you all the advice and information you need, as well as providing you with all the tools, fabrics, and accessories necessary to create the prefect window treatment.

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