Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sew much to give

At the Talana Museum near Dundee in Kwazulu-Natal, a skills development program teaches local women sewing skills, enabling them to improve and enrich their lives.

The South African Quilters' Guild has also encouraged various outreach groups around the country, with objectives defined as:

1. Bringing together of women whom would otherwise be isolated in their homes/rooms.
2.The creation of opportunities to socialise and share ideas.
3.The development of a sense of pride in providing self-made articles both for themselves and their homes.
4. The development of hand-eye co-ordination, an important asset in life in general.
5. The creation of opportunities to participate in income generating projects.
6. The creation of something useful and aesthetically beautiful, using left-over fabric.
7. The creation of opportunities for cross-cultural experiences.

Progress has been made in the last couple of years and many Outreach groups have started countrywide. Some ladies are already quilting on order while others are helping with the backbreaking job of sandwiching.
Please help the South African quilters in reaching their objectives in this programme. Anything, that a quilter could use, will be most welcome. Contributions can be made to SAQG OUTREACH PROGRAMME.

All quilting requirements are available from your nearest Fabric & Textile Warehouse. Visit us for tools, notions, fabrics, patterns and good advice. Email fabrictextilewarehouse@gmail.com or call 0861 322 839 (0861 FAB TEX).

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